EN3S in english

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At the heart of French social protection !

The mission of the National School for Social Security (EN3S) is tocontribute to the performance of social protection organizations and to promote social protection, the way it is managed and the social protection professions.

School activities focus on four areas :

• recruitment and training for leaders of social protection organizations, as well as specialists for the inspection and health control professions

• design of an offer of continuing education

• organization of studies, research and publications

• international cooperation

Open to the surrounding environment and to numerous partnerships in the fields of education and social protection, the School is a unique site for learning, discussing ideas and practices, debating and innovating. The School aims to connect the different players in health and social policy (such as Social Security organizations, regional health agencies and complementary social protection providers), promote cooperation between them and spread best practices for the benefit of those who use public services.
The School’s ambition is summarized in a goals and management convention signed with the French government and covering several years. For the 2013-2016 period, the accent has been placed on :

• School attractiveness as concerns the different areas of social protection

• the appropriateness of School training and services

• the impact of School interventions in France and internationally

• the effectiveness of internal School management

In all of its actions, the School pays particular attention to the promotion and concretization of the values of public service, sustainable development and administrative effectiveness.

Dominique Libault