Degree course cycles

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The School ensures the recruitment and qualified training of social protection organization leaders, as well as inspection and control specialists in the Health sector.



Recruiting and training social protection leaders

Initial training cycle for candidates admitted

• 18 months (January to July, N+1), alternating classroom attendance (12 months) and internships (6 months) ; individual and group assignments

• Emphasis on apprenticeship and in-the-field experience (80% of the course is made up of practical learning or internships), as well as on research applied to innovative projects

• Over 6 months of immersion in an organization

• Learning adapted to each student, constantly keeping in mind the definition of a professional project and the duties this project entails.

The “CapDirigeants” training cycle, designed for social protection organization professionals

• A cycle lasting 14 months which allows continuing a professional activity during training

• Five months of effective training alternating courses and internships (three months of courses in all, two months of management internship)

• A modular, individualized pathway taking into account previously acquired skills

And after training ?

• The student (initial training) and CapDirigeants degrees are completed by a Master 2 degree with the “Social Protection Engineering” option (partnership with University Paris-Est Marne La Vallée)

• Automatic listing on the list of national aptitude for employment as a director of public services, Social Security administration and Regional Health Agencies.