Studies, research and publications

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Studies, research and publications

Research as a way to learn and a vector of public service improvement

Research actions : better understand social protection and contribute to improving it An annual program of research actions is deployed with the student-leaders in their initial training period on topics in the news or on permanent topics (aging and health, the teaching of social protection).

Studies ordered by research organizations : understand and debate social protection trends and evolution Each year, EN3S orders a prospective research project on a specific topic. Preferred subjects include the management of social protection organizations and “crossover points” between social protection components.
Programs are submitted to scientific advisors for their opinion in order to guarantee the pertinence of suggested topics.



REGARDS Protection Sociale, the EN3S journal.

Since 1987, the School has published the REGARDS Protection Sociale journal in two annual editions.
A diversity of authors with high-level expertise enables presenting the topics from multidisciplinary angles.


The EN3S Prize

Along with the REGARDS Protection Sociale journal and starting in 2013, EN3S bestows an award on one or two works on health and social protection.
The prize is awarded by a jury composed of eminently qualified personalities in partnership with the General Commission for Strategy and Forecasting (CGSP).