EN3S admission test

Become a leader of social protection. Take the test for admission to EN3S

Each year, two national competitions are organized simultaneously to access the initial training course for Social Protection Agency Managers held by EN3S.

  • The external competition is open to the holders of a diploma certifying three years of higher education.
  • The internal competition is reserved for employees of social security agencies with at least four years of seniority.

56 places are available for the EN3S admission test of 2020:

  • 29 places for external recruitment
  • 24 places for internal recruitment
  • 3 places for 3ème recruitment


Information about the admission tests

Access conditions

The external competition is open:

  • To applicants holding a national diploma certifying three years of higher education or another degree or diploma classified as “second level”, or of a certificate issued by a higher education institution equivalent to a second level diploma or qualification;
  • To applicants with any other degree, certificate or diploma issued in another EU Member State by an administration, an institution or a public or private body, equivalent to a second level diploma or qualification;

Applicants with three children can apply for the external competition without fulfilling the above diploma requirements.

The internal competition is open to applicants who, at 31 December of the year of the competition, have at least four years of seniority in one or more social security bodies. Possession of a diploma is not required in this competition.

Applicants who fail the admission test three times may not reapply.

No nationality or age conditions are required for these tests.

Calendar of tests

Admission tests 2019:

  • Registration: from Wednesday 15 January to Tuesday 31 March 2020
  • Written tests: Monday 29, Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 July 2020
  • Admission results: in early September 2020
  • Oral tests: between Monday 14 September and Friday 9 October 2020
  • Admission results: mid-October 2020
  • Course start: January 2021

Programme of tests

The EN3S admission test is divided into two phases, each consisting of three tests.

The written admission tests:

1st test: Duration 5 hours – 5 points (on a topic chosen by the candidate when registering):

  • Essay on public law*
  • Essay on economics*
  • Essay on a subject relating to the evolution of political, economic, sociological and cultural ideas and events in France or in the world
  • Case study on management issues, including in particular aspects of strategy, organisation and human resources.

2nd test: Duration 4 hours – 4 points

  • Preparing a summary of an administrative text or file

3rd test: Duration 4 hours – 6 points

  • Essay on a topic related to major health and social protection issues

Oral admission tests:

1st test: Duration 30 minutes – 6 points
Interview with the examination board on the basis of a detailed curriculum vitae, with ID photo and cover letter. This test consists of 10 minutes of presentation and 20 minutes of interview with the examination board. The aim is to assess the adequacy of the applicants’ profile in the light of the proposed job description, assess their personality, capacity of reflection, initiative, reaction and motivation.

2nd and 3rd tests: Duration 30 minutes – Preparation 20 minutes – 3 points (each)
Two oral technical tests chosen by candidates when registering among the following subjects:

  • Labour law
  • Public law*
  • Economics*
  • Accounting and financial management
  • Health and social protection issues
  • Political science
  • Public health
  • Statistics.

Candidates obtaining less than 6 out of 20 marks in any one of the tests, except for the two technical oral tests, are eliminated.

*Public law and economics can be chosen only for the written or the oral tests.

Applicable regulations

Order of 15 October 2019 on the organisation of competitions, registration procedures, the nature and organisation of the tests, the content of the programmes, the composition and organisation of the selection boards and the rules of discipline for competitive entrance examinations to the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Sécurité Sociale 

Order of 19 November 2019 amending the Order of 15 October 2019 on the organisation of competitive examinations, registration procedures, the nature and organisation of the tests, the content of the programmes, the composition and organisation of the selection boards and the rules of discipline for competitive examinations for admission to the Ecole nationale supérieure de Sécurité sociale 

Order of 16 October 2019 opening the competitive entrance examinations to the EN3S  in 2020 (60th promotion)


Passing the EN3S admission tests

Resources for the tests

Authorised preparation centres for the external competition

EN3S has established partnerships with institutions (CPAG, IPAG, universities) that provide training programmes to candidates to the school admission tests.

Please note: registration for these courses is often required before the summer, with preparation courses starting in the academic year before the opening of admission test applications.

*Training eligible for the Equal Opportunities scheme

Preparation for internal applicants

UCANSS offers preparation for the internal admission competition together with Institut 4.10.

This preparation is available to employees of social security agencies (General scheme and MSA) who are required to submit an application and pass a selection and orientation test (DSO).

Registration takes place at the beginning of year n-1. Successful applicants will be able to attend two preparation courses during the year preceding their registration for the internal competition.

E-learning tools

Applicants who are unable to attend the classroom-based preparation course can follow the two admission test preparation courses on-line.

IEPEL of Sciences Po Lyon*
Plateforme i-concours of Sciences Po Bordeaux
*Training eligible for the Equal Opportunities scheme

Preparing for the tests and keeping abreast of the developments in social protection

The School makes available to applicants some resources to help them prepare for their admission tests.

Equal Opportunities Scheme

EN3S promotes diversity and equality of access to its training courses. To do so, we have launched an Equal Opportunities scheme, which ensures that lower-income applicants have a level playing field in the entry test by providing:

  • educational support with additional lessons and preparation
  • financial support with an annual grant of EUR 1,200
  • tailored support via the provision of tutoring.

The scheme is managed in cooperation with preparation centres approved by the School. The scheme is available to applicants enrolled in the CPAG centres of Aix, Lille, Lyon and Toulouse, and those enrolled in the preparation centres of the Universities of Auvergne, Grenoble Alpes, Paris Nanterre, Rennes 1, Strasbourg and Lyon Catholic University.

Applicants enrolled in the Sciences Po Lyon e-learning preparation course can also apply for the Equal Opportunities scheme.

The application form for the scheme for preparation to the admission tests of 2020 must be submitted to an approved centre by 15 November 2019.

More information on the access conditions to the “Equal Opportunities” scheme (in french)

Useful articles and documents

Exchanges with students and former students of EN3S

Former and current students of EN3S offer you several ways to share their experience.



Applications for the EN3S entry test can be submitted from 15 January to 31 March 2020.