Specialist Course in Welfare Agency Management (CESGOS)

The Specialised Course in Welfare Agency Management (CESGOS) is designed for French-speaking professionals with management or functional responsibilities in foreign welfare agencies, to prepare them for higher positions.

This 6-month qualifying course is held in France from January to June of each year. Course participants improve their knowledge of social policies and the key management and guidance skills, to strengthen the performance of social welfare agencies.

Information about admission to the training courses

Access conditions

The training courses are open to French-speaking applicants, possessing educational qualifications enabling them to attend a University-level course. Trainees must be referred by their government or employer social welfare agency.

Admission procedure and required documents

Applications are selected by EN3S after review of their application and a telephone interview. Special attention is paid to the applicants’ motivation and their ability to attend a demanding, high-level course.

To be considered, applications must be complete and include:

  • a curriculum vitae;
  • a letter of motivation from the applicant;
  • the completed questionnaire;
  • a certificate from the applicant’s employer, authorising the applicant to receive the training and offering to cover course costs.


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