Research studies and projects

EN3S launches annual calls for research projects with a forward-looking perspective. These studies, contracted to research organisations, aim at understanding and discussing trends and developments in social protection.

The key themes relate to the management of social protection agencies and cross-cutting issues of interest to all the components of social protection systems.

Current calls for research projects

There are currently no open calls for research projects.

Current research projects

Research Project 15

The involvement of enterprises in the development of social protection floors (to be completed in June 2019)

Research Project 16

Impact of seniors helplines on the care of the elderly likely to be hospitalised (Study by Cetaf funded by EN3S and the Conférence des financeurs de la prévention de la perte d’autonomie – CFPPA [Committee of Funders of Actions against the Loss of Autonomy] of the Loire. Final report to be issued in September 2019) – in french

Projects published by the School

Research Project 13

The redistributive impact of socio-fiscal social protection models: comparative international analysis (published in 2017 in collaboration with LIEPP) – in french