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Specialist course in welfare agency management

The specialised course in welfare agency management (CESGOS) is designed for French-speaking professionals with management or functional responsibilities in foreign welfare agencies, to prepare them for higher positions.

This 6-month qualifying course is held in France from January to June of each year. Course participants improve their knowledge of social policies and key management and guidance skills, the aim being to strengthen the performance of social welfare agencies.


The training is designed for an internal audience (French-speaking professionals holding a management or expert position in a foreign social welfare agency)

Trainees must be referred by their government or employer social welfare agency.

Candidates are selected by EN3S (based on documents submitted and an interview) every year between July and October.


The CESGOS course runs for 17 weeks between January and April. It includes 4 subject areas:

Area 1: Social welfare: international developments, trends and initiatives (75 classroom hours).

  • The extension of social protection at international level
  • Social protection in the world
  • ISSA guidelines
  • Social protection and the movement of persons
  • Comparative perspectives of international social protection

Area 2: Implementation of a social protection system (126 classroom hours).

  • The French social protection model
  • The different funding sources
  • Healthcare management
  • Pension systems
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Family welfare policy
  • Coverage for the self-employed
  • The extension of coverage: case study

Area 3: The management of welfare agencies (144 classroom hours).

  • Managing a welfare agency
  • The service supply strategy
  • Control of financial risks, budget management and management control
  • The fight against fraud and control of litigation
  • Information systems
  • Security and IT risks
  • Human resource management
  • Management of general services
  • Internal and external communication
  • Environmental sustainability issues

Area 4: Management approaches and methods (63 classroom hours).

  • Management fundamentals
  • Being a manager
  • Analysing and organise your activity
  • Developing your leadership skills
  • Leading and supporting your team
  • Communicating with employees and partners
  • Fundamentals of communication
  • Group communication
  • Public speaking


During their course time in France, students take an individual internship lasting six weeks (from May to mid-June) with a social security agency. They study one topic, identifying specific good practices and their adaptability to different contexts. The topic, which is selected in advance by the School taking into account the employer’s preferences, is then analysed in a report prepared by the student.


  • Continuous control of knowledge
  • Assessment of individual and group work
  • The drafting and discussion before an examination panel of a study on a specific issue selected together with the employer.


The specialised course in welfare agency management (CESGOS) offers its participants a springboard for career progression.


Registration for this course is currently closed. The next training lesson will take place in 2020.