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Inter-African training course for Social Security middle managers (CIFOCSS)

The inter-African training course for social security middle managers has been offered in partnership with the Training Institute for Social Security Occupations (IM2S) in Abidjan since 1984.

This training course, held every two years, is designed for future senior managers of social security funds in French-speaking African countries and takes place over 14 months between Côte d’Ivoire and France.

To date, more than 300 senior managers from agencies of 17 different countries have been trained: Côte d’Ivoire (50%), Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Comoros, Congo, Djibouti, Gabon, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Chad and Togo.

Conditions for access

The training can be accessed via internal or external calls, organised by IM2S every two years. It is intended for the staff of African social security agencies, having 3 years of employment seniority and a 3-year university degree (internal competition) and for holders of a 4-year degree not older than 30 (external competition).

Course structure

Phase One of the course

The first phase of the course, from November to July, is held in Abidjan. It includes:

  • classes on social protection (45%) and classes on organisation, management and methodology (55%). Students discuss the organisation and functioning of African social security funds, the coverage of the different social risks, funding and the collection of social security contributions. significant space is also devoted to the teaching of management skills: HRM and labour law, special accounting for social security, budget and financial management, quality management and project management.
  • a practical management experience at the CNPS (National Social Security Fund) and CGRAE (Pension Fund of State Employees) in Abidjan.
  • A period of preparation for the second phase of the course in France

Phase Two of the course

Phase Two is held in France and comprises:

  • 8 weeks of teaching at EN3S focused on the implementation of a social protection system and its extension, contract coverage, design of services supplied, information systems and management.
  • 5 and a half weeks of internship in a French social protection body, completing the study performed in phase one.
  • a final assessment to support the study and evaluate the general knowledge acquired.


During the first part of the class-based learning, students work on several individual and group projects. In particular, they are asked to produce a group report and an individual management internship report. Students are also asked to produce a study on a topic relevant to their agency, which will be completed in France during the course-end internship.

During phase two of the course, participants are divided into small groups and are asked to produce projects on the extension of social coverage, on the basis of case studies.

Assessment of student learning

In Phase One:

  • assessment of the learning outcomes of the classes taught in Abidjan, via individual and group assignments.
  • assessment of the group report and of the individual management internship report.

In Phase Two:

  • a case study on the service supply strategy (desk research).
  • the presentation of a social welfare coverage extension project to a jury.
  • the drafting and presentation of a study to the course-end examination board at EN3S,composed of French and African representatives.

The graduation ceremony is held at Saint-Étienne in the presence of representatives of IM2S and EN3S.


The inter-African training course for social security middle managers provides access to senior management positions within African social security bodies.

Participants can thus move on to expert and management positions.


The training can be accessed via internal or external calls, organised by IM2S every two years.

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Conditions for participating in the selection:

  • Internal participants: employees of African social security agencies with a minimum seniority of 3 years, holding a higher education diploma or equivalent diploma or the social security middle manager diploma issued by IM2S, issued at least 3 years before.
  • External participants (Côte d’Ivoire only): persons holding a higher education diploma equivalent to a 4-year degree and aged 30 or under.
  • Available places: from 20 to 30 places are available.