The involvement of enterprises in the development of social protection floors

Background and presentation of the research project

EN3S, in partnership with the ILO, has since 2017 been running a French-language platform within the Global Business Network for Social Protection Floors – GBN. The network brings together multinational companies, employers’ organisations and private sector foundations wishing to share good practices and contribute to the promotion and establishment of social protection floors around the world.

The companies members of the French-language platform have already prepared, based on their experiences, a Handbook of Good Practices. This document sets out the key stages in the process of designing and implementing a social protection programme for their international subsidiaries. It contains case studies on individual companies and examples of good practices that can be adopted by other companies voluntarily.

As a follow-up to this first result, EN3S plans to entrust academic experts with production of a study to design an initial assessment grid to measure the impact of the social protection development approaches taken by the member companies of the French-speaking platform of the GBN network.

Presentation file on the call for research projects (en french)


Deadline for applications: 5 June 2018

This call for research projects is now closed

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