20 March 2020

Mathilde Lignot-Leloup’s view on the Major Social Protection Issues conference to take place in October

The 34th edition of the Major Social Protection Issues conference will take place this year from 8th to 11th October in Paris on the theme “Social Protection: What changes after the Great Debate ?” (link in french). Mathilde Lignot-Leloup, Director of Social Security, delivers a speech each year during the conference to present the major developments to come for Social Security

She tells us how important the conference is for the Institution’s senior managers at a time when the expectations for a “new social protection” have been strongly expressed.

On 8th October, EN3S is to launch the 34th edition of the Major Social Protection Issues conference. You take part in it each year to present the PLFSS. Why is this event important for senior social protection managers ?

Mathilde lignot-leLoupThis event provides an opportunity to present the challenges and, above all, to share the transformations taking place in our social protection system. The organizations’ senior managers are directly responsible for implementing these transformations, which are numerous and sometimes complex. It is very important that they take ownership of them to facilitate their implementation and meet the needs of policyholders.

Social protection is constantly evolving, what are the key skills that its senior managers must master ?

Senior managers must above all be managers, capable of supporting, but also of explaining the transformations taking place in the field. And more and more, we expect them to be creative in order to innovate, to facilitate the implementation of public policies while simplifying procedures for policyholders as much as possible.

The 2019 edition of the Major Social Protection Issues will highlight the expected developments in social protection at the end of the Great Debate. As Director of Social Security, what do you consider to be the major projects to be carried out within the Institution following the debates that took place ?

The Great Debate highlighted many expectations in the social sphere, but if there is one thing I should remember, it is the need to simplify and further adapt our social protection system to changes in society.

4 examples :

Discover the complete programme of the Major Social Protection Issues Days. (link in french)

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