École supérieure de la Sécurité sociale – ESSS (Academy of Social Security)

The Academy of Social Security (ESSS) provides initial and continuing training to the managerial staff of Algerian social security agencies and institutions. It also develops studies and research in the field and is engaged in regional and international cooperation actions in the area of social security training and research.

After an exploratory phase led by EN3S in cooperation with the General Directorate of Social Security of the Algerian Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, in December 2016 the two schools signed a partnership agreement for exchanges in the fields of training and research.


The partnership between the two Schools includes:

  • support for the organisation of training and professional development schemes designed specifically for Algerian social protection agencies;
  • knowledge-sharing and reflection on the challenges of social protection, to better understand the public debate and act as a player in current and future changes;
  • closer exchanges between French and Algerian social protection agencies in the areas of public policy and management (benchmarking, good practices, etc.);
  • collaborative exchanges between EN3S and ESSS trainers to share know-how and experience in the field of education.