National Social Security Capacity Building Center

In just a few years, EN3S and its Chinese counterpart, the National Social Security Capacity Building Center (NSSCBC) have moved from cooperation based on exchanges to improve mutual knowledge of the states and their social security systems, to in-depth work programmes focusing on territorial coverage and skill-building.

EN3S has been involved in a partnership with China for twenty years. In 2006 this led to the establishment of the National Social Security Capacity Building Center – NSSCBC – in Beijing, an institute in charge of training the senior officials of social security management bodies throughout the country.

In 2007, the two schools signed their first partnership agreement. Activities include study trips to France for Chinese managers from all provincial or municipal administrations responsible for the management of the various risks covered by China’s Social Security. The partnership also includes study seminars in China for French managers. These seminars have allowed French officials to learn about China’s social policies and management methods at different levels (national, provincial, municipal, district, etc.).

The success of the cooperation actions led the French Ministry of Health and EN3S, together with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and NSSCBC to sign a more comprehensive cooperation agreement, in June 2013.

The current framework covers all social security institutions in both countries, for technical cooperation coordinated by EN3S and NSSCBC, under the auspices of the respective Ministries.

Today, France-China cooperation spans multiple dimensions:

teaching activities, in the form of continuing education courses

The “High Level Managers” training, organised for senior managers of the Chinese Social Security system in partnership with the Social Security Capacity Building Center, is a twelve-month training course incorporating a three-week study seminar in France. Groups of 30 to 50 trainees complete their schooling in France where they attend classes and make study visits to social security agencies, focused on the evolution of social policies and management development.

Local partnerships between the Chinese provinces and the French regions

To strengthen support for the social security agencies operating in the Chinese provinces, which in addition to management problems (reception, fight against fraud, computer systems), also face governance issues (leadership, actuarial forecasts, management of reserves …), local partnerships have been established:

  • The Aquitaine Region with the Sichuan Province;
  • The Languedoc-Roussillon Region with the Tianjin Province;
  • The Rhône-Alpes Region with the Henan Province;
  • The Alsace Region with the Guizhou Province;
  • The Lorraine Region with the Gansu Province;
  • The Ile-de-France Region with Beijing.

The partnerships between the French regions and the Chinese provinces are formalised by a partnership agreement lasting two years. Under this type of cooperation, study and training missions to France and China are organised by both partners under the supervision of EN3S and SSCBC.

Organisation of Franco-Chinese seminars

Every two years, EN3S and its Chinese counterpart, NSSCBC, organise an international seminar on common issues.

  • Franco-Chinese seminar organised in Paris as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between France and China, on “Policies in support of the elderly” (September 2014)
  • Franco-Chinese seminar in Beijing on “supplementary insurance” (October 2016)
  • Franco-Chinese seminar held in Paris on “Digital technologies and social protection” in October 2018.